mary bolton - hill


Mary Bolton was born in the colony in 1808. Her parents Robert Bolton (Boulton) and Ann Smith. Robert arrived on the same ship as John Peisley in 1802. His was married on 3 November 1804 at St. Philips Church Sydney. Mary was the third child of 11.

Mary married Jabez Hill on 5th April 1824 at Parramatta. They had three children Elizabeth, "Rowland and Emma" (twins). Jabez was found guilty for harbouring a Prisoner of the Crown in 1829.

Jabez father wrote a letter to Colonial Secretary for news on his son in 1826. The Colonial Secretary replied to this letter.


Mary Peisley

Mary petitioned for clemancy for her husband but was denied.

She started a relationship with Francis Peisley, they were neighbours at Prospect. In this relationship she had five children with Francis.

Her daughter Elizabeth Mary Ann Hill married James Hansell and her mother gave consent to the marriage and was a witness on the certificate.

Mary died on the 3 July 1843 at Parramatta, she was buried at Mays Hill Cemetery. Her death was registered under Piesley.

Jabez received a ticket of leave on 4 May 1842 and was allowed to travel between Penrith and Parramatta on his own business for 12 months.


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