Ann Peisley was born in England and came with her parents. Ann married John Obee. He was convict and at the time of his death he was Toll Gate Keeper.

They had three children. Only two were registered. I found a mention of the third child in a book I will reference this book at a later stage. It says that the baby Elizabeth and John Snr died on the same day at Parramatta. There is no record of the death or birth for Elizabeth. In the book it does not mention who submitted the information and I have read the newspapers for around this period to see if a report of a house fire but there is none.

The other children Charles and John are registered.



Ann married James Goodin on the 28th April 1824 at Parramatta. They had eight children. Ann died 20th August 1866 at Palmer Street Parramatta cause of death Low Fever.

In the 1828 Census James was a wheelwright at Parramatta.


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