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John Peisley was found guilty and sentenced to death at the Croydon Assizes in the county of Surrey but his sentence was commuted to transportation to the colony of New South Wales. His wife Elizabeth and daughter Ann were allowed to travel on the same voyage. I wrote a letter to the PRO in England and received a reply telling me that He was charged with "burglariously breaking and entering" the home of William Privett and stealing a box containing money valued at more than ten pounds. The felony was committed in the parish of St Mary, Newington, London. There are no transcriptions of the trial.


the voyage

The Perseus left Spithead England on 12th February 1802 and arrived at Sydney Cove on the 14th Augush 1802.

The master of the ship was John Davison.

The Perseus was built in Stockton in 1789 and was 364 tons. The journey took 173 days with stops at Rio and the Cape. I went to a family history conference and a guest speaker researched this journey and found that at the stops provisions purchased included oranges and fresh food. I think this contributed to the survival of Ann.

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